Friday, August 24, 2012

Trailer for New Star Wars Animated Series Makes Me Want to Sell My Collection.

Don't know how I missed this, but here's the official trailer for the new totally wacky/zany/in-yo-face super-stylised Star Wars animated TV show. Dubbed Star Wars Detours it's a comedic take that uses characters from all six movies, focusing on their everyday lives outside the story we already know. A lot of the Robot Chicken guys are working on it (you'll certainly recognise a lot of the voices) and despite their triumphs working with Star Wars in the past, I found this trailer largely unfunny and very difficult to get through. I'll let you judge for yourself. The annoying title announcement alone gets me on edge...

I appreciate that I'm probably not the target audience here, and I do think you can have fun with the Star Wars universe and subvert its characters for comedy. I think that was especially successful in the Lego Padawan Menace special, but through sharp, focused writing and beautiful design, that show had fun yet still managed to capture the magic that made Star Wars stick with us in the first place. This new Detours thing seems very far removed from the magic/mythology, and the dumber and crasser they get with all this stuff the more alienating it feels. Did you see their horrible valley girl version of Leia that strips away everything wonderful and unique about that character? Arrrgh. It's too depressing to even rant about... Time to take a break from Star Wars.


  1. I actually started selling off my collection tonight, just before I even saw this.

    I don't hate it though. I'm not the biggest Robot Chicken or Family Guy fan, and it seems like its right in line with them. I'm also not a fan of the stylization they chose, but... There were a few jokes that had me laughing, and the best being -Dex saying "She's dead ".

  2. not without it's charms, but...meh. I would put up for with it and get a few laughs if it's an hour long special? As a recurring series that they want me to tune into week after week? wars meets jersey shore...nope, probably not...