Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nerdcraft - Etsy Mass Effect roundup

Welcome back to the Etsy roundup! I've missed you. Let's hug.

Surprising no one, today's roundup is all about Mass Effect, that epic sprawling space opera that made me totally creep onto various male aliens. Ah, Bioware, you bring out the best in me. 

Click on the images for links to the listing, and join me after the jump!

It's no secret I'm a bit of a fan of Garrus Vakarian, but in my defense anyone who's played the damn game is as well. He has to be the most universally liked character in a console game since - well - Alistair, I guess. My Femshep hooked up with this large and angular alien and does not regret a moment. However when he's elsewhere, she can cuddle up to this felty-plush creation instead.

Two things - these are some damn fantastic leggings, and secondly, those are some damn fantastic legs wearing them. Daymn, guurl.

This is a Commander Shepard mobile charm. Apparently. I like his/her look of disinterestedness. It's almost a literal :/ .

I don't think I want to smell like Garrus. I mean, really? I'm guessing metal, leather, petroleum and some kind of potent acetone/ethanol trace. With all that what-the-christ armor, surely he smells like a meth lab.

Oh dear. After this, I'm starting to be more familiar with Liara's butt than my mother's face. And that is NOT Miranda's likeness. You spend all that time airbrushing gloss onto their arses but don't pay attention to their face? and Liara's butt looks like two highly polished bowling balls.

On a happier note, I think this decidedly cheesecake-ish Miranda inking is really quite nice. The face looks good, the uniforms right, and the dude quite obviously knows how to draw. Good stuff.


I'm just not sure there was a gap/need in the market for this. Considering how long this would have taken, a decent transfer would have been easier and far less time consuming. And people might, you know, buy it.

I love this! It's really idiosyncratic and simple and I do love Thane. The artist of this also has some rather wonderful quirky Mass Effect character stickers that you should check out. The Wrex is well sweet.

And I kept my favorite until last. I would happily own this. It's nouveau! And extremely pretty! This artist has also done a wonderful Daenerys + dragons in the same format and my god I love her stuff. So good.

Such a wonderfully broad spectrum of crap up to wonderfulness, with the majority actually falling on the side of wonderfulness. There's some serious class here. Do yourself a favor and spend some time on Etsy.

Suzanne out!