Monday, August 6, 2012

Kickstart the Week: Fallen City of Karez

This week we're featuring a fantasy euro board game that needs your help. It's just above the 25% mark, and needs to raise about $15,000 in a week. Stranger things have happened on Kickstarter, but time is very tight on this one... so read quickly!

Fallen City of Karez is a cooperative fantasy board game for 2-5 players with aspects of worker placement games and hints of traditional role playing games. Designed by Elad Goldstein and coming from Golden Egg Games, the game has a great art style and combines a few different types of gameplay together for a unique experience. It looks like the perfect game for my gaming group, who are fans of the Castle Ravenloft series as well as light Euro games.
In Fallen City of Karez, each player will take the role of a lord of one of the guilds who seek to tighten their grasp on the rising city. The players will strive to maintain a balance between keeping the city safe for its citizens by sending exploration parties to defeat any threats, and at the same time attracting to the emerging city new adventurers wishing to fill their pockets with fortunes and their names with glory.
The game combines mechanics and theme together in a few very interesting ways, especially the win condition (players must create a city before the 8th turn ends). The center of the main board is a village filled with townspeople and heroes. As the threat level of monsters goes up, more heroes are required and less townspeople will remain. Players must keep the threat level down to thrive and eventually have enough townspeople for the village to become a town, and afterwards for the town to become a city.

Fallen City of Karez on Kickstarter:

Click through the jump for a Dice Tower preview video and more of the final art images.

Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower previews Fallen City of Karez. (note: this is a prototype version with temporary art).

And a preview of the final art style. There is much more on the Kickstarter page.

So if you're interested in Fallen City of Karez, don't hesitate! The game ends on Monday August 13th. It's $49 US for a copy of the game, with some nice larger rewards and, although it's very far off, some cool stretch goals (at $50,000 everyone gets two games!). Check it out.

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