Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dual Kickstarter Board Game Unboxing: DiceAFARI & LangGuini!

It's finally that time... the time when all of my Kickstarter purchases start rolling in at once. I must say that it's an AWESOME time. It kind of feels like I've been getting a bunch of free games, although my brain (and credit card bill) keep reminding me that they did once cost money.

Oh, the joy of Kickstarter.

If it wasn't for Kickstarter we might not have either of these games. First there is DiceAFARI, the dice and tile game from Stratus Games where you make an animal-shaped layout and then photograph animals in the wild to complete the layout. Then there is LangGuini, the 2011 Global Game Jam card game from Island Officials, where players create definitions for made-up words like "Vertraject".

Click through the jump to see what is inside of the boxes!

I picked up DiceAFARI right at the end of it's funding. First because it was very close and really needed the push to hit it's goal, but also because it looked really nice. It kind of reminds me of 2 video games... Pokemon Snap (one of my all-time favorites and a never revisted theme of photographing creatures in the wild) and Hands On: Tangrams (the animal shaped board layouts, and oddly enough by Island Officials). If there's any game that can grab the attention of all 5 of my family members, this looks like it. Can't wait to play.

And here is LangGuini. I have a little history with this game. I originally saw the prototype in action at the 2011 Global Game Jam, and at the end of last year I helped Island Officials setup the Kickstarter page. During that process I helped design and develop the "inspirational expansions", which add some thematic fun to the game. I have played this before, but it's been a while now and I haven't played with nearly all of the cards that came in the Kickstarter package. Looking forward to it!

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