Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bands Playing As Other Bands For Halloween!

In the meta event of the day, we present bands dressed up and playing as other bands! It's actually a really cool yearly event. Every Halloween, South Jersey's Gradwell House recording studio presents the best bands in the area in a Halloween concert that is loaded with hilarity and awesomeness.

In recent years bands have performed as Blues Traveler, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, The Smiths and The Go-Gos. This year was as good as ever with Willie Nelson, Zack Attack, Wham!, Talking Heads, Pavement, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Guided By Voices.

It's A King Thing as Pavement:

Check out a song from each band after the jump!

The Classic Brown as Willie Nelson:

The Not Fur Longs as Zack Attack:

Steve Poponi and Dave Damm as Wham!

Crozet as Talking Heads

Only Ghost In Town as Jesus and Mary Chain

Kerry Is For Lovers as Guided By Voices (this was the second best GBV stage fall, only second to their Letterman appearance.)

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