Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kickstart the Week with City Hall - A Ruthless, Political Board Game!

We've covered Michael Keller's City Hall a few times now (Unpub Philly, Dexcon, World Boardgaming Championships), and after lots of play testing and fine-tuning, it is on Kickstarter looking for your support!

City Hall sees players competing to become Mayor of New York City. They do this by attempting to be the most successful at both bringing people into the city as well as campaigning for the citizens' approval. Whoever best balances these two goals will win the election.
While I still have yet to play, many friends have played and loved the game. Unpub's John Moller said "City Hall is one of the most unique and complex role selection games that I've ever played", and mega-reviewer Josh Edwards tweeted "I tried it once at WBC, and it was sweet." The Kickstarter listing also shows glowing praise from Andrew Parks, designer of Core Worlds, Gil Hova, designer of Prolix, and Dan Cassar, designer of Cavemen: The Quest for Fire. City Hall has impressed the industry enough to land Michael the role of designer on an upcoming big box game from Tasty Minstrel Games.

You can pledge for a copy of the game for $50 (with free US shipping), or add custom painted wooden stars for $15 more. You could also get an advance copy of the game for $150, or name one of the cards in the game for $200. The total funding goal is $25,000, and a breakdown of what the funds will cover (hint: not as much as you think) is listed at the bottom of the Kickstarter page.

Best of luck to Michael Keller and City Hall! Check it out at:

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