Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Space Janitors: The Unseen Side of Star Wars!

Space Janitors isn't officially a Star Wars production, but it's definitely the next best thing for a Star Wars geek. It's a comedy webseries about janitors and other unseen characters on the Death Star, living their lives and working their jobs with battles going on around them. The show focuses on Darby and Mike, both social outcasts who have been watching the action for years, while cleaning up its messes, but Darby has had enough. He wants change, and his constant bad luck and poor choices almost guarantee it will happen.

The first series ran for 8 episodes on The Escapist, and was recently picked up by Geek and Sundry, where they are re-running it in full HD. Episode 3 just launched yesterday, but if you get hooked (like I did) you can shoot over to The Escapist and catch up on the rest of the series (or just scroll down here).

The show really takes off around Episode 3, where the characters find a lightsaber (with hand attached!), and Episode 6 takes it to a whole new level of awesomeness once the Emporer arrives on the Death Star.

The very brief first episode is below and the rest of the series can be seen after the jump. It'll take you about an hour to watch it all, and for a Star Wars fan who enjoys some irreverent sci-fi comedy, this should be right up your alley. Season Two is in pre-production now, and can't come soon enough.

Click through the jump for the rest of Season One.

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