Friday, November 30, 2012

Playmobil Avent Calendar Day 1: Game of Thrones!

In Australia at least, it's December 1st, so let's gets our Christmas coverage officially started!!

I have two amazeballs advent calendars to share with you this year as we countdown to the big day. And don't worry if you don't even celebrate Christmas - all this crazy crap will be just as fun for you too. Not having an ounce of religion in my body, Christmas to me is all about magical snowmen with pipes and top hats, leering elves, food, wine, and heaps of presents. So at least celebrate the magic of consumerism with me as we pry open each cardboard door and reap the plastic treasures inside!

First up is this insanely elaborate Playmobil Advent Calendar which appears to have some kind of dragon castle theme!

I will forewarn that all advent pics will be on the camera phone or I will never keep up with them. But cast my shoddy workmanship aside and let's take a peek behind... DOOR NUMBER ONE!

What could it be? A squirrel? A cupcake? A hornet's nest? See it all... after the jump!

But before we do that you have to check out this fold-out diorama that was included with the calendar. This magical, fantasy landscape will house all our bounty for the whole of December!

Okay, so clearly this is Playmobil's painstakingly accurate rendition of Game of Thrones' King's Landing. Holy shit! I imagine there will be much bloodshed behind these walls before we are through! How ominious/totally badass.

And our first gift of the month is...

A shining knight! Well, he's clearly a rookie at this stage as he doesn't have his armour or weaponry yet. And by the look of that bold red trim he is clearly of Lannister stock which makes him a cruel, drunken, womanising, inbred bastard to boot. I hereby dub him: Sir Dudley of Moore.

And seeing as how he's the first guy out of the gate I guess he can claim King's Landing as his own! King of the castle now, bitches!

I think this advent calendar is going to be EPIC.

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  1. Hi, where did you find this GOT advent calender? I haven't seen it anywhere!