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Stryder's Favourite Comics - 11/07/2012

Hey folks!  Happy Diwali!  Welcome to a whole new month of comic books!  I have to say, the first week of November started with a bang...so much so that I'm having a hard time deciding what comic to put pre-jump, as I liked them all so much!  Well, when in doubt, I always go with...Batman!  In this case, starring in:

Detective Comics #14 - "Breaking the law only works on your terms.  Isn't that right, Batman?  I'm doing the right thing.  For Gotham...and for the planet."

As this issue of Detective Comics opens, Bruce Wayne is saved from certain death due to an assassination attempt!  His rescuer?  The Penguin!  Of course, since we read last issue, we know that Penguin was also the one who hired the assassin.  Bruce is NOT happy...

Ironically then, Batman ends up trying to HELP the Penguin as the story progresses, by attempting to take down Poison Ivy before she can blow up Shandy Pharmaceuticals, a drug company that's responsibly for some major environmental damage.  Oh, and it's owned by The Penguin!  When Damian asks why he would bother trying to stop Ivy, Batman replies: "Ivy's endangering others.  Herself.  And Gotham...It's the right thing to do."  Argue with that, Boy Wonder!

Oh, amusingly, Alfred is still missing but no-one's worried about it, even though it seems like he's been gone a while.  He didn't bring Damian breakfast (not that he deserves it!).  I imagine we'll find out just what's happened to him next week as "Death of a Family" continues in Batman #14!

New Before Watchmen, Action Comics, Green Lantern and more after the JUMP!!

NEW! Before Watchmen: Moloch #1 (of 2) - "I was ugly, a freak.  But the world...the world was uglier.  So I hurt it."

Surprise!  Before Watchmen magically reappears with a new, 2 issue story about Moloch the Mystic, the super villain of the Watchmen universe, best known for being the dude that the Comedian visited and talked to shortly before becoming street pizza in the original Watchmen.  This issue is a pretty standard "origin of" affair, told interestingly as a confession to a priest by Moloch.  He covers his childhood and early criminal experiences, his first tussle with the Minutemen and eventually the coming of the newer heroes, like Ozymandias or the Comedian...or of course Dr. Manhattan, who really came along and ruined all the fun for the bad guys...

It's an interesting little book...good art and a decent story...I just don't know if I particularly care about Moloch.  However, for a whole 2-issue run, why not?

Action Comics #14 - "BOW!  TO!  METALEK!"

Every time that I sit down to write a brief synopsis of a comic book written by Grant Morrison, (and let's face it, that's all I really do here...reviews went out the window long ago) I first have to sit back and go "hmmmmm".  It's just too hard to summarize his plots.  There's always so much going on!  He's such a great writer...

Well, let's give it a shot, anyway.  So human beings, in the New 52 universe, have a small, 10 person bio-dome like colony on Mars.  This colony comes under attack by Metalek, the small army of terraforming alien construction drones that have been trying to colonize planets for an extinct alien race for ages.  They appeared on Earth earlier in Action Comics and were turned back then.  Long story short, this looks like a job for Superman!! 

Unfortunately, the force that wiped out the aliens responsible for Metalek has finally caught up to them!  This force is called the Multitude and rumour has it they've only ever been stopped ONCE.  Who stopped them before?  Why a certain scientist from Krypton known as Jor-El!

Superman vs. the Multitude on Mars!!  Doesn't that just make you smile?  Oh, did I mention the Multitude all look like a cross between Angels and C.H.U.D.?  Oh, and of course...they are both more and less than they seem!  Oooh...mysterious!

That doesn't even take into account the back-up story, which is a poignant look into an important and bittersweet moment for the Last Son of Krypton...one of those moments that changes nothing, but means everything...I'd tell you more, but it's too spoilery!

Worlds' Finest #6 - "I don't like this city.  Definitely not home.  Definitely not safe.  And I can almost feel not-dad watching.  Don't like it."

I've been right on the edge of dropping this title for a few months now, but had committed to at least collecting up to issue #6 before deciding.  Imagine my surprise, then, when Worlds' Finest #6 instantly became my favourite issue yet and reengaged me for a whole new story-line!  When you look at the cover, though, it's not hard to see why.  Damian "Robin" Wayne guest stars as The Huntress finally returns to Gotham City to "borrow" some more money from her not-dad Bruce Wayne. (I'm sure I don't need to remind you that Huntress is the daughter of Batman and Selina "Catwoman" Kyle from the alternate reality Earth 2, do I?  If you missed that revelation, check out the trade paperback Huntress - Crossbow at the Crossroads, available now!  It's fantastic!!)

So Huntress meets her "brother" for the first time!  Not just her brother but also her replacement, as in her dimension, SHE was Robin!  This is far more intriguing than another giant, radioactive monster (see issues 1-5).  THIS is the story I've wanted from this book since issue #1.  Real character drama. 

Oh yeah and Power Girl was in this too, and messed around with a satellite.  I'm sure it'll be important down the road...but dudes!  Huntress!

Green Lantern #14 - "Before they realize their existence is being unravelled, it will be too late.  Just as it was too late for Hal Jordan and Sinestro."

The Guardians are continuing to plot the downfall of free will with their Third Army rampaging through the known universe converting all of the sentient life they can find into more mindless soldiers.  However, none of this matters yet to our newest Green Lantern, Simon Baz!  He has no idea what's going on right now, all he knows is a wacky green power ring busted him out of jail (he was wrongfully being held on suspicion of terrorism) and now he's being confronted by the JUSTICE LEAGUE!  Crap!

Well, thanks to his ring being kind of broken (a LUCKY break, haha!) and some quick thinking on his part, Simon may actually be able to allude the League, at least for a while!  He's got a plan to clear his name and help his family and he needs the Lantern power to do it! 

Meanwhile, deep in hidden space, William "Black" Hand awakens in the prison where the Guardians left him.  The same prison that also holds the dissenting Guardians who don't want to eradicate all free will.  Hmmmm...could Black Hand accidentally use his powers for Good instead of Evil?  Maybe...

All of that AND finally, we get some hints of the fates of Hal Jordan and Sinestro!  Just a little blurb at the end but their story is not over!

Earth 2 #6 - "What an ungrateful, arrogant ass."

It's the final showdown between this world's Green Lantern, avatar of the life force of the planet (and subject of the above quote!), and Grundy, avatar of the forces of death and decay!  Grundy is literally killing the planet from the inside out while Green Lantern tries to stop him from deep inside an astral dream of cosmic forces barely conceivable by the minds of mortal men!  Or something to that effect...

Green Lantern's astral journey leaves his body prone and helpless.  Luckily, Earth 2's versions of the Flash, Hawkgirl and the Atom are around to protect his helpless form as well as Washington D.C. from Grundy's destructive rampage!  Not so luckily, there are nuclear missiles (courtesy of Terry Sloan, who already blew up large portions of Earth 2 as seen in the recent Zero Issue) bearing down on their position and, win or lose, things could end in a big, mushroom shaped cloud....

Green Arrow #14 - "The raucous clang of axe to axe, the grind of metal to metal...sounds that hearken back to knights of old...sounds every soldier in every battlefield from all time knows."

Hawkman is the special guest star in this month's Green Arrow!!  That means lots of winged men bashing each others heads in with big axes and maces and such whilst Ollie hangs by a rope from his private jet shooting arrows and making smart-ass quips.  It's pretty fun!  I wish Hawkman was in this comic all of the time...he gives the old Emerald Archer someone even dumber than he is to make fun of, which in Green Arrow's case is pretty hard to come by!  I think DC is counting on us enjoying this team up, as Green Arrow and Hawkman will be teammates in the upcoming Justice League of America comic.  This is a fun warm up!  There's even a girl to save...

That might be the nicest I've ever been to Green Arrow.  Suddenly I feel dirty.  Arrows...sigh....

Well, that's it for week 1!  Traditionally, it's my least favourite week of comics, but this month I admit I liked them ALL (even Green Arrow!).  Of course, tomorrow's NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!!  Week 2 is around the corner, and traditionally, it's one of my faves, with Batman, Batgirl, Suicide Squad and more!  Actually, I mention those three as they are all part of the "Death of a Family" event!  Joker's gonna getchya!

More wacky hallucinations this week at Stryder's Dementia wherein I strive, as always, to understand my own thoughts and desires...

Have a great week everybody!  Peace!

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