Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I may be living under a rock, or a hill, or the sewers... but I TOTALLY didn't see these new Lego 2013 images until just now. Did we know that Lego TMNT is on its way? And did we know that it looks awesome?

I want that Kraang so bad! 

And the LOTR / Hobbit sets are looking pretty sweet too. Here is the Goblin King Battle.

Click through the jump for more photos, more drooling, and more info on the upcoming sets.
Here are the Hobbit 2013 sets. I'm really glad to see the location-based set pieces. It's a little bit of a relief from the vehicle-driven sets. Also, while not the Hobbit, there is a Treebeard LOTR set coming out in 2013. No images yet, but I am very excited to see how they do it. I'm assuming it'll look like this screenshot from the LOTR Lego video game.

Now images!

79000 Riddles for the Ring

79004 Escape in the Barrels (try to ignore the weird Gandalf close-up)

While we're here. This has nothing to do with Lego, but it's worth mentioning because I'm feeling Hobbity, and it was revealed today... here is the checklist for the upcoming Hobbit HeroClix set. The HeroClix line has expanded quite a bit in recent years, with Street Fighter, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, Star Trek, and every comic book character you can imagine. Now would be a good time to jump on.

And now for the Ninja Turtles. 

These are exactly what you would hope. A bunch of awesome minifigures of the turtles, their enemies, and some cool, over-the-top vehicles. In this case, I don't mind the vehicles so much. And the Turtle Lair makes up for any beef I have with Lego vehicles.

79100 Kraang Lab Escape

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