Friday, November 16, 2012

Hot Toys Coulson!

If YOU were the adult collectible guru company Hot Toys and you wanted to release the first images of a fairly niche Avengers-universe character to the audience who (fairly literally) resurrected him, how would you  do it?


Oh, I'm feelin' you Cap. I really really am. Head below the cut for more pictures and general Coul-squee.

If you haven't already spent enough money pre-ordering the entire set of Avengers Hot Toys then SURPRISE! Time to hand over the credit card once again. I look forward to putting my tiny Clark Gregg next to my tiny Tom Hiddleston and tiny Jeremy Renner in their protective glass case. What's that? People buy these things for the CHARACTERS? Each to their own I suppose.

I must admit I was a little surprised when the Coulson figure was announced in the first place, because the character doesn't exactly have the visual cool-factor of most of the others. He's just a guy in a suit, right? Luckily Hot Toys know what they're doing and have included some pretty cool accessories along with the Son of Coul.

The HYDRA gun was almost always a lock-in to be included, but LOOK! Vintage Captain America cards! They look fairly pre-stabby, but it's hard to get a good look at this size. The phone, walkie-talkie and SHIELD file could lend themselves to some cool low-key poses, but every single person in their right mind will be displaying him with that gigantic gun.

The face sculpt is pretty great! I'd put it up there with the Loki and Captain America sculpts. Glad there won't be much reason to have to change clothes with this guy (unless you're a weirdo, of course), cause I can't imagine having to re-tie that tiny little tie would be much fun. Though it's probably a clip on or an elastic neck band, but still.

We will be sure to let you know once our buddy Phil goes up for pre-sale. No word on price yet, but given the fact he's lighter on accessories and fancy costumes than the others I'd hope he'd end up $20 or so cheaper than the guys on the lower end of the scale.

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