Monday, January 7, 2013

Kickstart the Week: Pirates vs. Dinosaurs by Jolly Roger Games

With simply a name like "Pirates vs. Dinosaurs" you think the Kickstarter campaign would be fully funded by now. With a name like Richard Launius (designer of Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm and much more) attached you think it would be funded by now. And with just 5 days to go and 44% more funding needed, there is something even scarier than the pirates and the dinosaurs.. not reaching the funding goal.

Thanks to Kicktraq's wonderful public stats, you can see how the project is going and how it's projected to go. It's looking pretty tough, but we've seen much bigger miracles on Kickstarter.

For $55 you get a copy of the game shipped in the US. It sounds a hefty price tag for the theme, but Richard makes some hefty games. This one is on the medium side with a 90 minute playing time. Also, the graphic design looks great so far, and the artwork is very nice.

Richard Launius chimed in on the Board Game Geek forums with 6 reasons to consider buying the game.
6) This one may be debatable by you, but I think I have proven that I design good games. My games are not for everyone, especially the hardcore eurogamer, but for those that like adventure, don't mind a little luck, and enjoy the story that comes from the gaming experience as much as winning or losing - I think my designs provide that experience.

Check out Pirates vs. Dinosaurs on Kickstarter:

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