Monday, February 4, 2013

Hot Toys Reveals Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Power Pose Mark XLII Collectible Figurine

What a mouthful that heading is. Our dear friends at Hot Toys are having so much success with their Iron Man figures that they've branched out even further for their Iron Man 3 collection with a new line entitled "power pose".

My initial interpretation of this phrase was that these would be super articulated figures that could pose dynamically. It appears that almost the exact opposite is true. Instead these are mostly non-articulated 1/6th scale figures fixed in iconic poses from the film. It does appear that there are some interchangeable parts included though to vary it up a little bit, but these are by no means typical of what Hot Toys has been doing. They still look pretty amazing though. First one up is the Mark XLII. Which sounds like something a fat guy would wear....

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It's pretty amazing when you think of how far Iron Man has come. I remember when rumours of a movie first materialised  - then rumoured to star Tom Cruise - and my first initial thoughts were 1) Who the hell is Iron Man? and 2) They will NEVER be able to get Tom Cruise to play such a C-List character. Now look where we are and what it did for Robert Downey Jnr. Iron Man is deeply ingrained in popular culture and there's an avalanche of merchandise to prove it.

Anyway... we're getting some pretty good looks at this new armour now...

Interesting to note a unique base, unlike the other 1/6th scale figures. I assume its weighted to hold him in flight mode. And I don't know if we've ever had a good look at the back of this new armour either....

This shows you how the interchangeable pieces work. I guess he can be flying or standing. 

This is very much more like a statue than a regular figure. I'll be interested to know the prices on these as the Iron Man 3 busts are quite well priced. I would think that the Power Pose would be cheaper than a regular figure but time will tell. I'll update with Sideshow pre-order info when we have it.

And that pretty much shows you the extent of what the figure can do.

While my instinct is to prefer the standard articulated figure, most of the ones I own are not especially dynamic on the shelf. Costumes and armour often restrict movement and seeing as how I display them behind glass anyway (and, contrary to what you might think, seldom "play" with them) I guess it makes sense to release a piece that is pre-posed in an iconic manner.

But what do you think? Does this work for you or not? Go on... look at that barren comments section just begging for your input...


  1. I like the idea of Hot Toys "statues" a lot. I'm more of a statue collector and have never really gotten into Hot Toys but there is no doubt they are top quality. Being able to get statues and busts from them really excites me. Hopefully they continue this trend with other brands in the future.

    1. Yeah it does make sense. They have an amazing attention to detail and capture likenesses very well, and I think that statues takes away any stigma that's perhaps associated with the "dolls". There are certainly other characters I'd like to see interpreted this way too.

  2. Not a comment on the figure, but that suit reminds me of this horrendous thing:

    And as such I just can't get behind it.


    2. What are you guys talking about? Diet Coke Mark XLII is awesome.