Monday, February 4, 2013

More Kaiju Kaos Miniatures with Optithulhu the Eldritch Horror!

Bailey Records is continuing its Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown miniatures line with some very limited edition (and inexpensive!) casts of their kool kharacters. (They don't spell it that way, but it seemed necessary in a Quarriors kind of way.)

As 8pm EST tonight creeps up on us, so does the launch of Optithulhu the Eldritch Horror. He's the latest of their limited edition miniatures, and limited to just 10 castings in each color.

Here he is all painted up:

Or, if you cannot paint (like me) you could leave him in his cool limited edition colors. I have a certain fondness for the "Snow White" Optithulhu.
Each color is limited to 10 castings. In addition to these limited colors, a “gamer gray” version will be made available in unlimited quantity initially at Storenvy and then permanently at and at gaming and comic book conventions. The first offerings are: ·         Snow White (opaque white resin) for $8 each·         Green Ice (clear emerald green resin) for $10 each·         Gamer Gray (opaque gray resin) for $8 each

Check them out at: 

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