Saturday, February 9, 2013

Toyfair 2013: Lego Iron Man 3 Leak Spoils Stuff!

While we wait for New York Toy Fair 2013 to get fully underway, let's bide our time with these spoileriffic Lego sets from Iron Man 3. (We do so much Iron Man news we should change the site to Ferrous Pursuits). (Get one of the older kids to explain that one to you). There are three sets that are leaking all over the interwubz, jamming up the cyber-tubes, and although most of the pictures are small and pixellated we can certainly begin to speculate on some of the weirdness that's set to occur in the film.

Like look at this tomfoolery...

I'm going to tell you everything I think about old man Beardy Ben Kingsley attacking Iron Man with a weaponised street sweeper... after the jump!

Lego sets are notorious for spoiling key action set pieces in films but this spoils very little because I still don't know what the hell is going on. They appear to be at a construction site, but if The Mandarin actually drives around in this thing in the film then I will cough up my popcorn.

What do you think of that Mandarin minifig? I think he owes a lot to Lego Hagrid for his beard. There's some bold wardrobe choices, Marvel. I always thought that the Mandarin had big old sleeves like a wizard but this guy doesn't appear to have any sleeves at all. I hope Sir Ben Kingsley has been working on his biceps. 

This next one is a little more spoileriffic although we knew it was going to happen from the trailer. Mandarin is going to get in a helicopter and apparently blow the crap out of Tony Stark's Malibu Dreamhouse...

The weirdest thing about this image is that Tony Stark is falling out of the window while, behind him, Tony Stark is in the Iron Man suit watching him fall. Two Tony Starks? This movie must be all about Tony cloning himself for wicked three-ways with Pepper Potts. Why isn't Pepper Potts pictured in this action scene? Because she's downstairs blogging about how distressing this all is. Also - what a shame we don't get a tiny Lego Black Sabbath T-shirt. Missed opportunity, Lego!

Spoiler Update! Oh wait according to Nerd Bastards they think that's Pepper Potts in the Iron Man suit there! Gwyneth as Iron Man? But... but... then she'd need a glowing circle on each boob! Guess that explains the lack of goatee.

And finally, this is the really spoilery one which is most ripe for rampant speculation...

Iron Man and War Machine are pictured battling a speedboat, piloted by Aldrich Killian - Guy Pearce's secondary villain character. But what on earth is going on with his face? Take a good long look at that crazy mug!

Now I thought Killian was some sort of businessman type but in that picture he looks like he has big crazy red glowing eyes. Like he's a cyborg or a zombie or something. But then look at this picture of the contents...

He has just a normal minifig face here which makes means that it swivels around, and leads me to conclude that this character undergoes some kind of transformation. From the way he's grimacing in that first picture it looks kind of painful. I don't who does it to him, or if he does it to himself, or what is happening there. Maybe Toy Fair will give us a better look at all this stuff over the next couple of days.

Damn it you Danish Lego people! Must you spoil EVERYTHING!?

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