Sunday, February 3, 2013

Big Bad Toy Store Highlights! Let's Talk Iron Man 3, DC New 52, Domo, Minecraft and More!

It's that time again to scan over the lists of freshly announced and ready for pre-order toys and collectibles from our friends at Big Bad Toy Store! Sure, they're a sponsor, but to show my hard-hitting journalistic integrity, I only show you the coolest (or most bizarre) items that catch my discerning collector's eye! Like this inevitable set of Iron Man 3 pop vinyl figures....

I doubt it features too prominently in the film (it's Tony in the middle of nowhere without his armour, remember?) but this Iron Patriot design sure looks to be a highlight. It makes me want to proudly eat a hotdog in front of a crying American eagle. And I'm Australian! There's plenty more similar Funko Iron Man effigies at the link: IRON MAN 3 FUNKO ITEMS  

And there's plenty more cutting edge commentary... after the jump!

For me DC comic's reboot was a great idea for wrangling up new readers but after persevering for a couple of months it became just as alienating for new readers as it used to be. So let's not worry about continuity and alternate universes and enjoy these huge headed figures...

Seeing as how Pop Vinyl has covered just about every property known to man or beast, it should be no surprise that they're releasing characters in their current comics costumes. At the link you can check out Batman and Superman too and reminisce about the angst that fandom experienced when they removed Superman's underpants. That was perhaps the most exciting event to emanate from the whole reboot!

Pop Vinyl is great but I really love these items from Jinx Incorporated. Haven't heard much fanfare about them, but what better candidate for a blocky vinyl figure than Minecraft's Steve...

The block is a pretty nice touch too, and seeing as how this mould is easy enough to customise, why not add in pimped out diamond armour and sword...

Out of all the treasures on this list, I may just have to get me a Steve.

But back to DC... how about a completely new iteration again, this time Japan's crazy brown loaf of a monster, Domo, who has apparently taken to cosplaying as DC's best known heroes and villains...

There's 16 to collect (yes, I know only 14 are pictured. The other ones must be chases) and it looks like he's wearing some New 52 costumes in there as well as the classics. These are 2.5 inche each and mystery boxed so you're going to be praying you don't get Aquaman. (And don't try to hoodwink me by saying that the new Aquaman is cool. I read those issues and he's not. And he fought piranha people. That's babies stuff. UNLIKE THESE AWESOME DOMO FIGURINES!). I actually like these a lot. I could stomach one or two of them.

Sticking with DC, I've always admired Kubricks - the first designer block figures - and these Batman two-packs look worth your time.

Heath Ledger Joker, never forget! And if The Dark Knight was too terrifying then you may want to reminisce with this two-pack from the classic and much-loved animated series...

At the above link there's also a Batman and Superman set as well.

And let's go back to Marvel, in fact let's go back to our good old over-saturated friend Iron Man. Now I'm really looking forward to my Iron Man Hot Toy, but Super Alloy are making their 1/6th scale figure  out of die-cast metal!

That's the perfect medium for Iron Man obviously and I imagine it looks amazing in person, but in these pictures it doesn't quite appear to have the detail of the Hot Toy.

And finally, let's look at two oddball items.

If you have kids who are carrying on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle legacy then it's your duty as a nerd parent to buy them one of these wacky space suckers...

There's a ton of new TMNT stuff at that link, but I can't go past that audaciously gigantic sewer lair playset. It's almost bigger than that gleeful kid and far cooler than any playset I ever owned as child. I think the fact that it transitions from a street scene down to a sewer is pretty ingenious. If you buy this for someone then I want to hear all about it.

And finally, for the gamer that has everything. Well, everything except for a full scale Gears of War 3 lancer weapon painted gold...

To my dull eyes this pimped out lancer looks like it's made of hollow plastic and shoots water, but no, this is a big heavy, polystone replica with working lights. And it costs nearly $850. They may only sell one of these. To Snoop Dog.

And that's my favourite stuff for this week! Anything catch your eye?

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  1. i fricken love Domo. still fondly reminiscing about the big one in the luchadore outfit