Monday, May 20, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Events

Now that Doctor Who season 7 is officially over, all we can do is wait until November for the 50th Anniversary special to hit the screens to find out what the Doctor and Clara will be up to next.

However, given that this is the 50th Anniversary, the BBC and Doctor Who are running events all the way through to November’s special for those of us who want to keep the anticipation alive and who are really excited about Doctor Who in general.

Let me reiterate; this is friggin HUGE.

I have friends would will be in London for the release of the Special and will be attending the biggest Who convention of all time. There are events happening all around the world in celebration; screenings, Who pop-up shops, conventions etc.

Under the jump I’ll discuss a few of the cool events happening around the world, including in Australia and England as well as posting pictures from last night’s first event I have attended. The ABC shop in Garden City’s Doctor Who Night.

Last night we donned our fez’s and bowties and headed to a fairly low key event at Perth’s Garden City shopping centre for the ABC shops Doctor Who night. The event marked the release of part two of season 7 being released on DVD; a mere DAY after it had been shown on television! People came along for discounted Who memorabilia, trivia and competitions. It was a humble sort of event, but nonetheless a whole swag of people turned out in costume to celebrate. We picked up free 50th Anniversary posters, cheap classic Doctor Who DVD’s and entered some pretty awesome competitions. Unable to decide whether I wanted to buy season 7 in parts I left that on the shelf, but others were buying things by the swag. TARDIS baby onesies, TARDIS salt and pepper shakers, figurines, 50th Anniversary books, aprons and cardboard Daleks!

These events happened in ABC shops across Australia last night, offering a space for us to begin to get excited about the coming months.

Across the globe there are many other events happening to celebrate the event including the huge convention in London over three days 22nd – 24th November.

If you live in Sydney Australia or were contemplating a holiday, Vivid is doing a stunning 50th Anniversary Illuminate special on June the 1st with huge projections of Who graphics at the event. They also have a Who pop-up shop of memorabilia from May 9th which is described as a Who Wonderland!

There are special screenings in the UK and a Doctor Who Experience exhibition in Cardiff featuring props from the show.

For up to date information check out

And if you don’t mind a tiny spoiler about the 50th Anniversary, here are two loved characters having a chat...

I am dying. I am literally dying on the inside. This is one of the most adorable and wonderful things ever.

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