Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Book Was Better Podcast Episode 43: Judge Dredd (with guest host Suzanne!)

Well if you missed yesterday's teaser episode, you're going to be super confused! For the moment, at least, The Book Was Better podcast has gone weekly! That means here's a brand new full episode ready and raring to go!

Today I'm joined by my partner, Suzanne, who suffers through the film, book, and my commentary of Sylvester Stallone's epic sci-fi crapfest: JUDGE DREDD! (The terrible 1995 version). Not quite terrible enough, you say? Did I mention it has Rob Schneider in it? Yes. We read a book. About Rob Schneider. I sentence you to 70 minutes of hard listening. I AM THE LAW!

You can download it from the official site but you really should commit to SUBSCRIBING to us on iTunes so I can force this shit on you EVERY SINGLE WEEK!


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