Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

It's Superman's 75th anniversary AND he's got a new movie in theaters!  What could be better?  How about an all new comic book, too!  Oh this week's comics were released on June 12th, 2013...

NEW!! Superman Unchained #1 - "They say it came from the skies...that it was unlike anything before..."

The highly anticipated new Superman monthly comic from all-star team of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee has finally been released!  Issue #1 starts out with a big bang, presenting an intriguing mystery, a personal anecdote from Clark and a crippled space station all in the first few pages!  From there, the plot only thickens...something or someone is causing objects in orbit to come crashing dangerously to Earth and well...it looks like a job for Superman!

Cool all around first issue!  The characterization of Clark and his main supporting cast (Lois, Jimmy, Perry, Lex...) seems spot on to me, and the artwork of course is gorgeous!  Really nicely done.  There's even a "special feature" in that one page of the comic folds out to four times it's original size and is removable to become a poster (Be careful though...once it's removed there's no going back).   Overall I'd say it's an excellent first issue and I'm excited to see what happens next!  Get it while the getting is good!

Of course there were many more comics released...find out which four I liked the most after the JUMP!

Batman #21 - "What do you love about Gotham, Bruce?"

If anyone wants to start collecting Batman comics, this is a great time to jump in, as "Zero Year" starts here!  The much-hyped New 52 re-imagining of the Batman origin story by Scott Snyder and stellar penciller Greg Capullo is set to fill in the blanks from the time when a young Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City after traveling abroad for years to the first time he puts on the cape and cowl!  How DID Bruce become Batman???  As this story is set to go for the next 11 issues of Batman (and possibly have some tie-ins to other bat-books) I imagine it will cover quite a bit of ground...in this issue alone we see hints of the origins of a few bat mainstays (giant penny, anyone?). 

It's hard to get excited for an origin story when we've already got the classic Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and of course Batman Begins on blu-ray for that matter, but this comic really delivers!  It looks like the story will go much farther in depth with Bruce's training and really attempt to tread new ground!  The first issue was great and I'm really hoping that "Zero Year" can live up to the promise it's shown in this first chapter.  It looks like it's going to be a wild ride!

Nightwing #21 - "This is your plan?  Really?"

Nightwing is still in Chicago trying to track down his parents' murderer, Tony Zucco.  For this he needs the help of another "mask", a hacker-vigilante known as the Prankster!  Of course, last issue, the Prankster got the drop on poor old Dick and (in a manner that really calls back to the old 60's Batman TV show) literally imprisoned him in a fiery death-trap!  What a cliff-hanger!  Oh, also, Prankster managed to hack into Nightwing's mask-optics and make it impossible for Dick to see without removing his mask and exposing his secret identity on camera for the whole Internet to see! 
Can Nightwing escape certain doom, convince the Prankster to help him find Zucco, and make his parents' killer pay, all while avoiding the very unfriendly Chicago police??  If so, will he be happy with what he finds?  Tune in next month, same bat-time...

This book has really picked up and become more entertaining lately!  Moving Nightwing to Chicago and having new regular penciller Brett Booth on the title have breathed new life into the adventures of Dick Grayson!  Kudos!

Batgirl #21 - "I can't wear the bat right now Dick.  I don't deserve it."

Barbara is still in the middle of a crisis of conscience after being forced to "kill" her brother, James Gordon Jr., to stop him from murdering their mom.  Of course, James Jr. isn't actually dead, but she DID put his eye out with a batarang!  In any case, Barb's not sure she can even be Batgirl anymore and has torn the bat-symbol from her costume in remorse.  Of course this doesn't prevent her from suiting up to go searching for the Ventriloquist!  Batgirl follows up her only lead from last issue in an attempt to stop the crazy puppet-girl from murdering her hostage before it's too late!  Maybe if she can save a life, she can find some peace from her nagging guilty conscience...

I really like this new crazy goth-girl/meta-human Ventriloquist and hope to see her turn up again, perhaps in some of the other bat-titles!  Beats the dumpy bald guy from the old universe (although I do have a soft spot for old Scarface, too)...

Suicide Squad #21 - "This team can work.  We just need a better deal."

Someone's hacked into the computer system at Belle Reve Penitentiary and opened up an opportunity!  One that Harley Quinn is NOT going to let slip by!  No time like the present to capture Amanda Waller and hold her hostage to negotiate a new "deal" for the Suicide Squad

Meanwhile, while Batgirl is back in Gotham mourning his "death", somehow James Gordon Jr. has ended up here in Belle Reve!!  How did he get here and who's side is he on?  Amanda Waller seems to want to...trust him?  That's not a good idea, as anyone who's been following his "career" should know...

All of this chaos also gives Deadshot a chance to duke it out with his replacement as leader of the Squad, the Unknown Soldier

So yeah lots going on and some real potential to change up the status quo!  Not that this book needs too much help with that, what with teammates constantly dying and being replaced...but forcing Waller to treat her inmates as actual human beings is certainly something new! 

AND that's my top 5!  Good week!  Honorable mention to Superboy #21, Worlds' Finest #13 and Constantine #4, which were all pretty good too...Superboy in particular almost made it in due to a cool Krypto the Wonder Dog cameo and a great cover!  THIS cover:

I like it!

New Comic Book Day tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to new issues of Wonder Woman, Supergirl,  Batman and (Robin) Batgirl, and more!  Oh, they're finally releasing a trade paperback collecting Robin Year One and Batgirl Year One too!  Cool!

Check out Stryder's Dementia for a little dose of nonsense off of the top of my head, if you're so inclined...

And that's it!  Go out and play!  Peace!

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