Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Evening Self-Promotion

As it's been a quiet weekend, and since what I "do" when I'm not working is just write more, I wanted to take a moment and let you know of a few things I've been working on if you're so inclined:

* Not Terrific, but Competent: As I noted a while back, I'm a new father. I'm not so sure I'm necessarily good at it yet, but I've been posting more often since my kid was born three months ago. He's pretty great, and I'm chronicling what it's like for someone who's a little (lot) nerdy and not at all traditional to be a dad in a more modern time. I'm having some fun with it.

* If It's Too Loud: My friend Ken was one of the main bloggers/"Token Dad" over at The Music Moms, and we finally dove in and decided to start our own blog instead of talking about it like we have been since 2006. The angle is a little different, as we both still enjoy going to live shows, but it's becoming increasingly apparent that we're the creepy old guys in the back that we used to make fun of ten years ago, so there's that. I'll still share music-related posts here when it's on-topic/appropriate, but if you're looking for some more detailed album reviews (which is more Ken's department) or some old man musings, check it out.

Have a great week!

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