Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Electro Officially Revealed for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Insert Some Pun About Shocking You.

Sure, we've seen glimpses of him on the set, but here's the first fully CGI'd, crackling version of villain Electro from next year's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. How does Entertainment Weekly always manage to out-scoop us? The only scoops we ever get are ice cream. And we pay full price!

And if you haven't been keeping up, that's Django Unchained's Jamie Foxx with his head lit up like a plasma globe at a science center. I'm not sure how Spider-Man can resist pressing his fingers all over it and cooing, "OoooOOOOoh! Pretty!" 

I have a lot more stupid things to say about all this... after the jump!

The design is kind of an odd mix. It's pretty brutal how his ears are all blistered and burnt, but then his jumpsuit is offset with a cartoony lightning bolt on the bicep. Because it's not enough that there are actual lightning bolts shooting out of his brain - he needs to add a cartoon one to his clothes to really drive the message home. I guess it's for when people mistake him for Schwarzeneggar's Mr. Freeze. "YOU WON'T TAKE ME TO DER COOLAH!"

If comics make your head hurt (don't worry, nobody blames you) then I'll give you the briefest and most ignorant of primers. This outfit is clearly based on the Electro from Marvel's Ultimate line. This was essentially an alternative universe series in which the characters were a little more realistic and movie friendly than their wacky regular continuity counterparts. Ultimate Electro is more a being of pure energy...

Although I guess that Jamie Foxx had already shown enough of his balls in Django Unchained so they decided to whack a suit on him. Smart!

And compare this to the classic dickbag Electro that you may know and love...

Jamie Foxx would have murdered the first person to suggest that he got into that. Look at that snazzy electric finger snapping too! And at first I thought there was a speck of dirt on my screen, but nope, Electro here even has a tiny camel toe. TEEEAAAAM COMMMIIIIICS!

And Electro isn't The Amazing Spider-Man 2's only villain either. I guess our next big reveal will be Paul Giamatti as the Rhino, and at this stage I'm not sure if he's going to be in an actual rhinoceros suit, or a big crazy mechanical device. Set pictures of him in this crazy foam contraption certainly seem to suggest the latter...

This is what I don't get though. In Sony's barren Spider-Man universe, he's the only existing superhero, right? There's no team ups in Spidey's future, so everybody else in his city that gains super powers turns out to be a villain. So not only are all these super douchebags running around and causing mayhem, but Spider-Man manages to piss ALL of them off! Like in the first film he managed to piss off a lizard (which you should never do, by the way) and now he's gotta go piss off a rhinoceros and an electric man too? Why you gotta' be like that, Spidey?

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  1. I kinda dig that they're going with the Ultimates stuff. It IS more audience friendly, and they've stuck with it almost all through the other Marvel movies. If it ain't broke... Jamie Foxx? Hmmmm... Not sure about this. I was more excited about Paul as Rhino. It IS really a letdown that there's no sign of future team ups. Although... Spidey is a pretty great standalone hero.

    1. Ha yeah, I don't think I even said if I liked it or not, but I do. The first movie was kind of a mess - two films spliced together in a way, but I had a lot of goodwill for it and I'd like to see them evolve. I can't really imagine what else they could have done here costume wise. And I won't be surprised if he busts out of his suit and goes full electro in the climax.

      Team up wise, I guess they could do Black Cat or something, right? I don't know if that would just be lame in a film though. A poor man's Catwoman...

  2. I didn't know Prometheus and Spider-Man were doing a crossover?!