Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre-Order Hot Toys Man of Steel Jor-El : GO RUSS GO!

Flaws and all, I kind of loved Man of Steel. And Big Russ Crowe is kind of a stand out. At first he stands there in his robes and delivers his lines like he's in a community Shakespeare play, but then suddenly he's all, "SCREW THIS! I'M BIG RUSS CROWE!" and he starts headbutting and punching people and riding a dragon! And while all the other Kryptonians are being uptight squares and growing embryos on underwater trees, Russell Crowe is like, "NO! I'm going to be an unshaven lout and have Krypton's first vagina baby in centuries! HEADBUTT!" Man! I love you, Russell Crowe!

The geniuses at Hot Toys have now lovingly crafted a fitting tribute to the man, the legend that is Big Russ as Superman's daddy Jor-El.

You can pre-order him straight away from our pals at Sideshow here: Man of Steel: Jor El - Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Man of Steel: Jor El Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale Figure Or if you want to see more images and hear me sing more praises, man up and join me... after the jump!

So obviously the first thing to note is that it's a pretty amazing, uncouth, floppy-haired, bristly Russell Crowe likeness. But while he's all hanging-out-at-the-pub-playing-pool-and-bumming-smokes from the neck up, from the neck dow a glorious costume is happening...

I love that leathery, organic, proto Superman logo that he bears proudly on his big ol' chest. It almost looks like a Batman symbol too. I hope that, in the new continuity, it is revealed that Russ Jor-El flew down to earth in his youth and impregnated Martha Wayne.

As is often the case with these fancier and more elaborate costumes, he doesn't look like he's got a lot of movement though. These are pretty conservative poses for the Hot Toys photographers. Not even they were capable of getting Russell Crowe to do what they wanted.

That Kryptonian rifle looks like it H.R. Giger vomited it.

And here's a clearer look at everything that comes with him...

A pretty light release accessories wise. He should have come with a sixpack of beer, a pool cue, and a packet of cigarettes to stick up his sleeve. Still I think this is pretty cool.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick up any of the Man of Steel stuff, but goddamn, a tiny, angry, Russell Crowe on my shelves sounds pretty frigging cool!

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