Friday, September 6, 2013

Big Brother Power Rankings: Double Eviction 2: Eviction Boogaloo

I love Double Eviction Night so much. This one was less dramatic in terms of results, but definitely moreso given the craziness that lead up to it and the fact that so many people were hoodwinked along the way. With two weeks to go in the game, we may as well dive right in.

Spoilers for the new Head of Household are within.

So, as we learned last week, GinaMarie won the Head of Household and, with her new alliance, set her sights on the remaining power couple, McCrae and Amanda. McCrae and Amanda had an epic run in the veto competition, and McCrae ended up winning by literally a half-second. Just shocking.

Somehow, and I have no idea how this happened, Amanda was able to get Elissa to consider keeping her even after all of the insane things Amanda did along the way. With Amanda knowing she had McCrae's vote, and assuming she had Andy's, she was fairly certain that she would survive this week.


So the first eviction vote was filled with dirty looks as Amanda couldn't figure out whether Andy or Elissa double crossed her, and she somehow settled on Elissa doing the double crossing, giving double eviction HOH McCrae (of course) easy revenge with putting Elissa (who he thought voted Amanda out) and GinaMarie (who nominated them both) on the block. Since the House is full of allied people, someone had to win to keep Elissa on the block, and she was evicted unanimously. Finally.

So now McCrae is alone in the House with a group of four allied people. And he thinks he's in an all-guys alliance against GinaMarie now. And McCrae couldn't play for this week's HOH. And Spencer is the new Head of Household. And no one is going to tell him otherwise. So McCrae is likely out in the early eviction this week unless he somehow wins the veto. Incredible turn of events.

Andy was behind just about everything this week, and has already been told he won't even be a replacement nominee this week. He's the prohibitive favorite to win right now.

Spencer has arguably made a strong case for himself as a winner against many of the remaining Houseguests given how much time he's spent on the block. We'll see what happens in a final four scenario where he can't compete for Head of Household, but until then...

Judd is not going anywhere this week, but I don't know if he'll be the odd guy out when it comes down to it.

GinaMarie really sold her HOH, sold being alone in the house, sold...everything. Kudos to her for pulling this off so well at this point. She's in a strong position short term, although if McCrae comes down from the block, you may see the guys in the Exterminators alliance say "screw it, we're going to vote out the last girl."

McCrae will be evicted this week unless he wins the veto. This is almost a 100% guarantee, and this just happens sometimes. Your remaining ally in the House is gone and you're the last person left with an alliance against you. It will be super interesting if he wins the veto, but everyone will be fighting hard for it.

Sunday and Wednesday are fast forward episodes, and we should know who the final three are by this time next week. This should be fun!

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