Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

For September DC Comics has decided to do something special!  All of our heroes are gone, and instead their arch-nemeses have taken over!  Yes, Villain's Month is here!!  And what better way to kick everything off than with the first of a brand new 7-part miniseries?

All these comics were released on September 4th, 2013, for those keeping track...

Forever Evil #1 (of 7)  - "This World Is Ours!"

In the first issue of what is being touted as a huge game-changing universe-wide event for the New 52, Forever Evil already delivers some massive shocks!  The Justice League is nowhere to be their place, the Crime Syndicate stands triumphant!  They begin their plans for World Domination by gathering most of the Villains of the DCU together to inform them (along with people everywhere) of the New World Order!  Your heroes are dead!  The World is theirs!  EVIL!

The Crime Syndicate have some proof to back up their outlandish claims too...

Wow what a great first issue!  This miniseries looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, and really shake thing up as well.  I'm hooked!  It's a great way to kick off Villain's Month!

Of course that's not all!  Check out my favourite 4 titles from the first week of Villain's Month after the JUMP!

Count Vertigo #1 - "Your Poppa gave his life and yet our family still lost everything to those rebels...those traitors."

In Green Arrow #23.1, Count Vertigo has taken over for Villain's Month!  We are treated to a little back-story for the dizzying Count of Vlatava that goes a long way to explaining his motivations.  Nothing like having to flee to America to avoid a bloody coup to ruin European nobility...

As per usual since Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino took over this title, it's both epic and awesome!  Easily the best of the Villain's Month titles released this week!  If you're not reading Green Arrow right now you're really missing out!

The Joker #1 - "It's time...time to start my family."

Set "several years ago", the Joker takes over Batman #23.1 to give us this first "classic-style" New 52 tale of the Clown Prince of Crime!  Joker is murdering someone at the zoo when he happens upon a sight that warms the cockles of his heart.  Maybe even the sub-cockles!  Watching a gorilla momma with her little baby makes old Mr. J decide he wants a family of his own!  (It also causes him to fabricate "memories" of a childhood with an abusive aunt who looks suspiciously like Olive Oyl treated with Joker Gas).  Naturally, the Joker starts his family the same way any of us would, by kidnapping the baby gorilla and raising it as his own!

Well, of course hi-jinx ensue!  I was very interested in this issue as, while Andy Kubert is one of my favourite artists, I've never read anything he WROTE!  I really enjoyed this issue, full of camp and madness...just like a Joker comic should be!  The Andy Clarke artwork is also really excellent...he draws some great expressive characters.  Nice!

Deadshot #1 - "I just got tired of looking.  For an answer.  For a reason...that wasn't there."

The man who never misses gets to take his shot in Justice League of America #7.1 and's a hit!  I've always liked Deadshot, even though I know barely anything about him...since the New 52 began I've been reading about him in Suicide Squad but they never really get into his past or how he came to be who and where he is.  This Villain's Month title opens both that door to his past, and the one to his future as well!  (It also shows us exactly how Deadshot would fare against Iron Man, in case you've ever wondered).

This issue takes an already pretty cool, bad-ass and long-suffering villain and fills out his history, in the process making him both a better and a more complex character!  That's EXACTLY what I hoped for in these Villain's Month titles.  Deadshot #1 delivers in spades! 

Relic #1 - "They said he was a relic, accusing him of wanting to return to a less enlightened time."

I'll admit that I've never even HEARD of Relic before I bought this comic.  Green Lantern #23.1 is my introduction to the character, and what a great introduction it is!  This denizen of a Universe long destroyed, a being who has become a literal relic of another time and place, is certainly intriguing!  Particularly if he's right about all of the "Lightsmiths" (as he describes the various coloured Lantern Corps) using up a precious resource every time they call on the power of their rings!  What if each time Hal Jordan or Guy Gardener stop Sinestro or Larfleeze from "evil scheme 27" or whatever, they are also depleting the substance that creates the fabric of everything?  Emptying the Universe's gas tank, so to speak?  From reading this comic, there's a good chance that Relic's cause (if not his actions) is just!  I'm looking forward to learning more, which is lucky because I'll get to next month in Green Lantern #24!

And that's my list of favourites from week 1 of Villain's Month!  Some cool issues and some neat 3D covers too!  Week 2 carries on the fun with titles featuring Riddler, Black Manta, General Zod, Harley Quinn and more!  In stores TODAY!!

Oh if you're extremely bored I wrote some nonsense about rain or something this week over at Stryder's Dementia...

That's it!  Sorry about being a day late...technical difficulties!  See ya next week with more EVVVIIIILLLLL!  Peace!

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