Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Brother Power Rankings: The Final Three

With the last week of Big Brother generally devoted to evicting two more people in preparation for the final week's three-part Head of Household competition, things generally slow down in the House itself. This season, with an alliance in place and one person being unaware of it, it made for a slow, predictable week.

With the final five in place, and McCrae unable to be Head of Household, he needed a veto win to stay alive. He got that win, making Judd the nominee to replace him. Combine a lingering mistrust of Judd with an injury to GinaMarie that Spencer felt he might have been able to advance with, and Spencer (who finally won an HOH) was able to evict Judd. Another fact-forward day with the final four had McCrae finally evicted, and we have our final three.

Looking back at my first glance, I'm surprised I saw Spencer so good so early, even if he did basically nothing. Everyone seems to be afraid of GinaMarie in a final two, and the discussion in Jury who knows what will pan out if she wins the HOH. Either way, our final rankings:

Andy will almost definitely go to final two. I'm not sure he can win if the jury is as bitter as it sounds, but he's definitely the prohibitive favorite. Truth be told, I think Spencer beats him, but GinaMarie loses to Andy.

GinaMarie is probably the likely winner of the three-part HOH. She does well in endurance, which is typically one of the three competitions, and she's had some decent dumb luck. Can she win, though? Against Andy, probably not. Against Spencer?

Spencer needs to win to have a shot at this. He needs it for his resume, and he needs to choose who will go with him along the way.

So truly? I basically have no clue as to who will win this. This means a really interesting final week. Finale is on Wednesday, so a recap will come on Thursday, most likely.

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