Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fat is PHAT

Without fail, each and every time I sit down at this God-Forsaken machine, there is a question that is always on my mind whenever I think of the daunting task of putting together the materials needed for me to whip up what is now to be my weekly serving of fruity goodness here at Fruitless Pursuits.

Now...what shall we talk about?

Why is it daunting? Because since it is ONLY a weekly serving, therefore I feel like it needs to be something that is fairly interesting, fairly MEATY actually, and because, well, that's how I roll.

Fruit. Meat. Roll. Hey...that's almost a meal.

And I NEED these things to be filling and satisfying, for reasons I cannot possibly begin to explain. Besides...I would not be me unless I put shitloads of pressure on myself for all the wrong reasons.

Problem is, I have so MANY things to choose from now.

Remember last week when I said I compartmentalized this whole thing when I planned on being a Daily Post Guy? Well, I had around a dozen or more 'themes' that I was going to cover, just like when I started, from that A Closet Full O' Crap thing, to The Game's Afoot, to new ones like It's Prototypical, Blockzilly, or my personal favorite Let's See What Hidden Gems We Can Find Under Jabba's Disgusting Rolls of Fat!

Too wordy?

So now, with this Once-A-Week-Shit...I am left with a Conundrum, wrapped inside an Enigma, jammed inside a Riddle, stuffed inside a Burrito.

Which topic do I choose for over here?

How about...ALL of them?

That sounds good to me. I've decided I'm just going to pick and choose, week to week, what I want to pull from to talk about so that I don't get all limited and shit, but lump it ALL under my lovely Attack of Blogzilly banner. Aren't I awesome?!? Did you get all goosebumpy?

What's it gonna be today, there, Uncle Lilly, huh, HUH?!?!

How about...

Goes without saying, I tend to collect things. Toys. Comics. Stories. Bad Clothing.

I also tend to collect digital images. I think that is a very weird thing to do, but it is just something that I realized one day that I was doing.

I have this folder called 'MORGUE', no idea why, and in it is essentially a vast reference library. So vast, I can't even store it on a computer anymore. It lives in a 2 Terabyte Storage Tower, and it has folders in it that range from Animals to Robots, from Design Assets to Fonts, from Silent Hill to Red Dead Redemption, from The X-Files to The Ren & Stimpy Show.

But by far the largest folder of all is the one containing images from the Star Wars films and all kinds of other material based on the greatest franchise in the known universe. Many images I have collected on my own. Many I have had sent to me by friends. Figured I'd share a few of 'em here...



  1. Are you sure that dog costume isn't actually a My Little Pony? I say this merely to be contrary, and because I haven't had much of a chance to welcome you to the neighborhood yet! Because I'm bad and should be posting more.

  2. Is it?

    If it is I might just kill myself right now.

  3. In that case, it's a dog costume.

    Totally a dog costume.

  4. The thing is, if you ever want a dog costume made, then you'd be hard pressed to go past a My Little Pony customizer. :D It's awesome whatever it is.

    I still vote for Hoth Leia as the sexiest costume. Leia's looking a bit strung out in Jedi - especially in the Blu-ray, and it doesn't really fit her. It's iconic though.

    And if it's tough to choose, you can always post more than once a week?

  5. Well, you know me...I just feel like a whole lot of jackassery for not knowing what I was posting. Bad Lilly! Bad Lilly!

    I don't have the Blu-Ray of Star Wars, but my opinion might change to yours in that event, and there is one thing that I do agree with...if I were ever lucky to be able to actually transplant myself into that universe, kill Han and get my shot at Leia, I would want to take her on the Falcon console in that Hoth outfit. More to take off and it her attitude was just more sizzling in Empire.

    I know I CAN post more than once a week. I just have commitment issues. :(

  6. So Ken, I'm guessing you're not a Brony?

    The sexiest Leia outfit for me is Boushh.

  7. Also must add.. I too collect images. It's much cheaper and takes up less space than the real thing.

    And all of those topic ideas sound AWESOME. I'll be looking forward to each week.

  8. Not a Brony.

    And thanks...I guess I will have to try a bit harder to maybe up the amount. Lemme just try to make my once a week goal for a while, get my Life somewhat balanced, figure this Mission iPossible thing out also and while I'm at it MAYBE try and figure out what the fuck I am gonna do about my career going into the shitter! :)