Monday, November 7, 2011

Kickstart the Week: We All Scream for "Ice Cream Cthulhu" Mixed Media Triptych by Echo Chernik

If you like sweet snacks, tentacles and nearly nude fantasy maidens, this might make your head explode. If not, your head may still explode. 

Click here to visit and support the project on Kickstarter!

More about the project (including lots of images).. after the jump. Also possibly(?) NSFW. 

It's sexy artwork with Cthulhu, ice cream and maidens. 

The creator, Echo Chernik, can describe this way better than I can.
The original Pie Cthulhu came in a dream (as anything Cthulhu should) and the piece touches the hearts of so many people, I was inspired to continue. An artist's dreams sometimes morph beyond their control - and this piece has evolved from the vision of Ice Cream, to a stand alone tryptych of the classic Neopolitan.

What is currently haunting the pages of my sketchbook is a fantastic series of three ice creams tied together (across each canvas) by tentacles.  In the center, stands the resplendent Strawberry - a pale, freckled ginger, holding aloft a plate of strawberries.  A pink ribbon binds her arms, and swoops to the left and right, off canvas. On the left, it enters, and is held by Vanilla - whose fantastically chocolate skin offsets the contrast of vanilla flowers and vanilla ice cream. The tentacles fade to a transluscent vanilla white.  On the right of Strawberry is the pale blonde chocolate, holding a cocoa bean, dark tentacles contrasting her pale skin.  

The vanilla and chocolate blend - their personifications contrasting each other, and existing simultaneously as only vanilla and chocolate can.  They highlight each others flavors, and work in harmony.  Strawberry separates them.

For $75 you will get the prints to complete the triptych. They are 17" tall and would be a wonderful dining room centerpiece. As you spend more money, the prints become bigger. At $125 the prints are 24" tall. And at $500 you will get a set of all three 12x24 archival prints in a hand decorated black frame (with gold paint tentacles). There are a bunch of other bonuses going all the way up to $5000.

The goal is $6,500 and the project has passed its funding goal and is currently at $8,875. There are 13 days to still pledge though! If you dream about ice cream, cthulhu and maidens, this may be your only chance to combine all three.


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