Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movember Day Eight: Jason Lee as Earl Jehoshaphat Hickey

My Name Is Earl was always a surprise for me. It's rare that a network comedy could be sweet and wholesome, have a positive message, and also very enjoyable. That was the formula for My Name Is Earl, and it proved to be very successful as well.

But now that I think about it... it was all because of the moustache.

Moustaches weren't cool again in 2005 when the show first aired, but this was awesome. It may have even paved the way for the new hipster stache (which I just realized, sounds awfully close to Hitler stache).

So, if the moustache was key to Earl's success, how will the new Greek version compare? Coming this fall to Greek TV is Με λένε Βαγγέλη (Μy name is Vaggelis) starring Vasilis Charalampoupoulos as Vaggelis. 

Click through the jump to see Vaggelis, and let us know who wins the moustache contest: Earl or Vaggelis?


  1. haha aw man is that Greek version real? Also nice pick for movember! I think the last few weeks are going to be tough remembering people with great moustaches

  2. Yeah it's totally real. I know because it's on Wikipedia. Haha, but I double checked my resources first to be 100%.

    I have 2 more definite Movember picks, and a few others if needed (and as backups if anyone beats me to any of them)