Thursday, November 10, 2011

Movember Day Ten: Colonel Sanders!

It's not the biggest moustache, it's not the most famous moustache, but I'll wager that the late Colonel Sanders had the greasiest moustache ever known to man. It was by delicately probing his tongue between the bristles of his ghost-white fuzzy lip-hugger, that the good Colonel first discovered the eleven secret herbs and spices that he would then turn into addictive, delicious chicken. It was because of this infamous mo' that they had to invent the refresher towel. When his wife kissed him, the slippery grease made her slide across the room. Some or all of these facts may be made up. Still! We salute you!:

And check out this retro KFC commercial to see the actual Colonel in action! He got his moustache waggling and became the mealtime saviour of shiftless housewives everywhere! This was back when KFC meant dining in style!...

Actually, the truth is that I'm still reeling from the fact that he wasn't just a made-up fast food mascot, but was a real guy! The world's a funny place. Keep those mo's growin'!

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