Monday, November 7, 2011

Noob and Vet Trailer for Modern Warfare 3: Killing Foreigners Has Never Been This Fun!

If you've ever had to sit through some sappy movie like Schindler's List, or Platoon, then please don't let it manipulate you into thinking that war is hell. War is actually really fun, and nothing fills better than squeezing the trigger and taking out some faceless heathens from a foreign shore. And if you go into a war with your buddies by your side then war can be totally awesome and a real laugh! Explosions, one-liners, and rocking music barely feature in the history books, because if people knew what a swinging party being a soldier is, then we'd be killing each other all the time! This is what war is really like...

Sadly most of us won't ever see active duty, but that doesn't mean we can't put those itchy trigger fingers to good use tomorrow when Modern Warfare 3 hits the shelves. I'm not yet sure if I'll pick it up straight away, but if you do by chance catch me on in-game chat, then be sure to keep your slurs both homophobic and racial, because what better way to keep us all pumped! And if I fall in battle, please give me a teabag, so I know we're cool.

I kid, of course! I love the Call of Duty series and will surely be picking this up as soon as I can. The only thing stopping me right now is that my heart belongs to Skyrim which is right around the corner. I actually think this is an amusing and effective trailer - in fact the only real criticism I have is that the American is the pudgy, nerdy, annoying Jonah Hill, and the Australian is the rugged, handsome, virile powerhouse Sam Worthington. Talk about gross stereotypes! 

Now I have to drink twelve beers and knock out a kangaroo...

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