Monday, December 12, 2011

G.I. Joe Retaliation Trailer Premiere!

Knowing how well the first G.I. Joe film went over, I only have one question..



  1. It looks surprisingly un-shitty. Obviously, even bad movies can have awesome trailers, but I have to admit, I'm suddenly cautiously optimistic.

  2. Remember the Street Fighter GI Joe figures from back in the day? I think the producers thought they were actual GI Joe characters. And then I think they mixed up Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, and then I think they wrote the Ninja mountain fight scene. And what an awesome scene it looks like.

    Originally, I really hated that the last film wasn't the GI Joe cartoon, but in live action.. I wanted bright colors and silly jokes. But in the end, I really enjoyed the movie. It didn't feel like the GI Joe I grew up with, but I just accepted that it was a different interpretation and enjoyed myself.

  3. needs more lasers, moustaches and guys yelling "GO JOE!"

    I was suckered into the first movie by the trailer, this trailer is working its magic as well

  4. Nevermind. I just realized that there were Mortal Kombat GI Joe figures too. The producers are now justified for their craziness.

  5. Bruce WIllis should be Sgt. Slaughter.

  6. Okay... so banners being unfurled on the white house to look like a snake's eyes, heavily remixed White Stripes song, yet another movie starring Dwayne Johnson's eyebrow and the predictable (yet no one in the movie's Intelligence community sees it) terror group controls the presidency and lolwut tricks the good guys and betrays them but the 5 important ones survive plot line?

    Fuck you hollywood.

  7. Ninja Mountain is pretty cool. Very sure I saw Mark Whalberg in there somewhere. If you think this looks promising, then Hollywood has done its job, and the world is doomed.

  8. haha I did lol at the line "Today the worlds elite fighting force betrayed our nation"

    Ohhh that old storyline.

    "Did you try to kill us brah?"
    "Nah brah it wasn't us"
    "yeah brah it was. These brahs said so"
    "Na brah those guys aren't brahs"
    (explosions, all brahs point guns at each other)
    "for realz brah?"
    "yeah brah"
    "ok brah"
    (the brahs pump fists into the air)


  9. hooray another brainless 80's cartoon big budget movie!! I actually liked rise of cobra so let's see what they've got!