Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flaking Over Star Wars

Do I need two banners? I may need to rethink that whole philosophy.

This place is a one man army of posting...I see something I THINK might be new or interesting, I know I am rolling the dice on whether or not someone has already posted about it, or it might actually be old news.

But? Waddya gonna do?

Sometimes you have to take your chances and hope for the hard six.

Friend of mine clued me into these over on Facebook, sent me a link.

They are kick-ass Star Wars snowflake designs, and you can find templates and everything you need at two places that I know of.

An original site that introduced them, called Matters of Grey, and another blog site that made even more, called Anthony Herrera Designs, inspired by that site!

Go get 'em!


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