Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Most Memorable Presents: The Titanic in Las Vegas

About 5 years ago I was thrown for a real Christmas surprise when my wife bought me (us) a trip to Las Vegas.

Here's why I was surprised:

1. It was kind of hard to tell what the gift was. It was luggage with a massive homemade pop-up card with all of the buildings in Las Vegas. It took a few minutes to realize it.
2. I never once thought once about going to Las Vegas, and because of that, I didn't really recognize the buildings on the card. Also, we don't really travel that much, especially by plane.
3. We're not big gamblers.
4. It was really expensive! 

But it turned out that the trip was based around an exhibit in one of the hotels. The exhibit was basically HALF OF THE TITANIC brought up from under the sea. There was a massive intact piece side of the ship and tons of artifacts. 

The exhibit was amazing, as was the entire trip. We walked a lot, ate at a bunch of buffets, lost a little bit of money, and fell asleep at 9:00 each night because of the time difference. Total party animals.


  1. You should say a large piece of the titanic, not "half of the titanic" - because lets face it, theres no way they would be able to bring up half of it.

    1. You should embrace the wonderful world of figurative speech and hyperbole. It makes writing far more fun and interesting!