Monday, December 12, 2011

Lego DC Super Heroes Are Out!! (And Other Cool New Lego Sets)

Now you can re-enact all of your favorite comics of the new DC reboot using officially branded Lego sets! Unless your favorite was Firestorm... or Animal Man... or Frankenstein... or Swamp Thing... or basically anyone that isn't Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman or Green Lantern...

BUT #1:
But those characters look super awesome! (They do!)

BUT #2:
But it's Lego and I can make whatever I want! (You sure can!)

Click through the jump for more images, including a few Non-DC ones. 
Shifty mouth Batman is pretty cool.

I'm not really into the Mega-sized Lego figures, and I'd say it's because I'm not a child. But they kind of remind me of Centurians? (which were AWESOME) I think it's simply because they are more "play" than "display" and once again, I'm not a child.

And here are a few non-Super Heroes worth mentioning.

The new City series has a forest theme to it. At first I was a little hesitant, and then I saw this BEAR.

And for more molded creatures, there's the new Lego Dino sets. They have a real Jurassic Park feel to them.. except this set feels more like Dinosaurs Attack! 

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