Monday, December 12, 2011

Kickstart the Week: Portals by Jayne Vidheecharoen

I just stumbled across this project, and I am really glad because it immediately has my mind racing. From a board game / video game perspective, this could be really, really cool. My first thoughts were a war game, but then I thought of a Street Fighter game. You need to watch all three videos below. They're quick, especially the bottom two. If you have any other ideas on uses for these Portals, post away in the comments!

Click through the jump for more details and additional prototype videos.

From the creator: My Portals will consist of a pair of boxes. Each box has a screen on the front and a gateway on the side where you can reach in with your hand. Through the magic of green screen your hand instantly appears to be in the virtual real-world of Google Streetview. And since you and your objects are now in this parallel world, real-world rules can be broken. For instance, a regular object from the real world could appear animated in this virtual one. These boxes are also connected to the internet which means you could share the space with other people. 

This is ultimately a very personal project, so you will get lots of big, big, thank yous. But there are some additional rewards. For $10 your name will be on the portal box, for $25 you will get a thank you video and a snail-mail postcard, for $50 you get all of the above and my favorite, instructions to build your own portal, and an animated gif on Jayne's website. Higher pledges will get you a Physical Animation Reality Augmenter and a personal 15 second stop motion animation.

The goal is $1500 and it's just passed that with $1790 in funding. But there's still room to grow with this! Plus, you might want your own instructions, like I do. 

Check out Portals on Kickstarter!


..and just a quick update on our previously featured Kickstart the Week projects.

The card game LangGuini is currently at 71% funded with $1579 in pledges, and 35 days left to go.
The board game D-Day Dice ended at 1321% funded with $171,805 in pledges, making it the highest funded board game project ever on Kickstarter. It was more than double the amount of the second highest. INSANE.

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