Sunday, February 5, 2012

GFTROU: NFL Flick Kicker vs NFL Flick Quarterback

It's Superbowl weekend in the good ol' US of A, so to celebrate this shiny spectacle we'll be doing a GFTROU FIRST by looking at TWO GAMES in the one week. Two NFL games obviously. Cause otherwise that would make no sense. Jump under the cut to check out NFL Flick Kicker and NFL Flick Quarterback by Full Fat Productions.

NFL Flick Kicker & NFL Flick Quarterback
Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android (played on iPhone)
Publisher: Full Fat Productions
Genre: Sports
Cost: $0.99 each

If the $3 million dollar commercials on during the Superbowl aren't enough to keep your attention, then here is your solution. Both Kicker and QB are officially licensed NFL games featuring ALL of the franchises, so you can make yourself a little Tom Brady and just sit there and watch him get sacked over and over and over...but, uh, despite the satisfaction, you won't score many points that way.

There are multiple game modes with different challenges (five modes for QB and six for kicker), and the points you score level you up from 'Prospect' to 'Hummer-driving pimp swimming in money'. I assume. I'm not up there yet. Controls are simple, and similar to any other flick-type games you may have played before. The direction and distance of the ball are controlled by the direction and length of your swipe.

The games modes for Kicker were fairly simple (basically get the ball through the uprights with a few variations), except for my favourite mode, Coffin Corner. The idea is to kick the ball out of bounds as close to the end zone as possible. If you can get it to bounce in play before it goes out, then even better. It's probably the most difficult mode, but because of that it's also the most satisfying when you nail it.

Quarterback is a slightly more complex game. Not only do you have to control the direction and weight of your pass to make sure it lands in a perfect spot for your receiver, you also have to keep out of the way of those pesky defenders. More often than not your receiver will still get to your pass as long as you haven't screwed it up TOO bad, but if it's less than perfect you risk incomplete passes and interceptions. Oh no! The 'trick' mode in QB is throwing passes into exploding buckets, which was quite good but I was utterly terrible at it. I managed to do the 'Hit the Upright' challenge in Kicker first go, but throw a ball into a bucket? I copped plenty of zero score games in that mode.

The gameplay itself is great, but my favourite part had to be the celebrations. I didn't want to steal other people's screengrabs, so I just had a piss-poor go at doing them myself.

Okay, this looks totally boring, but trust me, he's dancing!
Whaaaat a douchebag
Some truly joyful dancing occurs in this game, you don't even understand
I haven't noticed any of the characters engaging in 'Tebowing' just yet, but I'm sure that'll be coming in one of the future updates.

'Thankyou Baby Jebus for letting the fast running-man catch my ball and take it to the painted end of the Green Place. Amenz.'
They were both really great games, and my preference kept swinging between them. At first I preferred Kicker for the simplicity, now I think I'm a bit more on board for QB cause it feels a bit like a lite version of Madden. Throw the ball, get the touchdown, don't worry about all the other stuff. With both games you're able to name your player whatever you want, and while my kicker has some boring name, my Quarterback is Street. Still wearing blue & yellow, and with full use of his legs. These games are like magic.

If your team is playing in the Superbowl on Sunday, may they have a fruitful game, and stay free of post-game rape allegations. If your team isn't playing, then, er, enjoy Madonna?

I give NFL Flick Kicker 3.5 Garrett Hartleys out of 5
I give NFL Flick Quarterback 4 Tim Tebows out of 5

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