Friday, February 10, 2012

Pre New York Fair!: Holy Crap! Trolls Are Back! And Megablocks World of Warcraft!?

There's still a few days before New York Toy Fair opens its magical gates, spilling a beautiful bevvy of upcoming plasticky goodness onto the hobo/pigeon/rat infested streets! But already news is breaking around the globe as press releases flood the inboxes of pop culture sites more popular than ours! So far two bits of news have me confusingly excited, and I stole both of them from Action Figure Insider.

Coincidentally, at Christmas I saw a troll doll in the wild and convinced myself that I should probably reunite with one at some stage. Well it must be a Christmas miracle or some shit, because apparent Dark Horse, in partnership with original Troll inventors Dam Things, are releasing a whole mass of crazy coloured trolls - IN MYSTERY BOXES! Yes! Blind-packaged trolls, so not only will you be willingly spending real money on a troll doll, but you'll get the double whammy of not actually knowing which one you're going to get! Maybe you won't even get a troll at all! Maybe you'll get some broken glass or a hornet's nest!

How sad am I that there's only a 1/30 chance of getting a disco ball troll with bright pink hair! But I love blind-packaging so I'm going to buy one blind and see what fate has in store for me. Loneliness/bankruptcy probably! You can read the full press release here.

And join me after the jump for the other bit of news which is far more exciting. And apparently not actually news...

So Mega Blocks have the World of Warcraft license!

Now this was news to me, but apparently not to the millions of World of Warcraft players who found out about this last October at Blizzcon. In fact attendees even received an exclusive Shaman Thrall figure to get their collections started:

I was then going to spout off about all the wonderful possibilities, such as a Stormwind set, or a Lich King set, and then realised that Kotaku had already photographed all this stuff at Blizzcon...

But they're not great photos, so I hope we still get a far better showing at Toy Fair. 

It's also a bit of a coincidence, because right here on Fruitless Pursuits, in the comments section of J. Tagmire's article Dissecting the New Lego Friends Minifigure I said:
"That said I wish Lego would team up with a company like Blizzard. Can you imagine if they could print any of the various armour sets and you could order your Warcraft character in Lego form. "
So I was actually pretty close at kinda' guessing something that had already happened. And that makes me some kind of soothsayer, right?

Regardless, I really hope there's enough pieces floating around for me to make a convincing facsimile of my warrior Radler. Kotaku's pictures do confirm an engineering ROFLcopter, so at least I'll have one of those.

MAN! There's so much awesome stuff this year I'm going to either need to get a bigger house, or grow the fuck up!


  1. I am going to LOSE MY MIND OVER THIS. Megablok Varian Wrynn? dont MIND if I do!

  2. Stormwind better come with a Mega Block Topper McNabb!