Sunday, February 5, 2012

Board Game Unboxing: 1st & Goal

Our good friends Games and Grub tweeted about 1st & Goal today, and I couldn't believe I overlooked it for Super Bowl board gaming! I was searching for the best game to play with the relatives tonight, so why not keep it all within the spirit of the night?

At this time, I still haven't played the game. I peeked at the rules a few weeks ago, but I've been so busy playing Risk Legacy, Ascension, and play testing my own (and other designers games) that I haven't gotten to a lot of the games I bought over the last few months.

For a full review, head over to Games and Grub. For now, we have a look at what you will find inside the box. Click through the jump for lots of images.

The board is very heavy duty. Super quality. Also, really neat detail of the fictional team helmets around the inside of the box.

16 pages of instructions. Not too bad.

Little plastic bits, including a tiny football!

The Defense cards

The Offense cards

Lots of cool custom dice. I'd always prefer printing/engraving to stickers, but it'll do for now.

Something really cool to mention are the expansions that are shown on the back of the box. There are 24 expansion teams available. Even though I haven't played, I know I would be into the extras.

Off to go eat lots of food, play a football board game, and maybe... watch the Super Bowl.

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