Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book of Cain - nerds unite

I found something wondrous in our local EB games, nestled amongst the Diablo 3 preorders, and made such a noise over it that Luke bought it for my birthday.
Images and awesomeness after the break!

As mentioned ad nauseum, I've been playing Diablo since I was 13 and it's thus become a huge staple point in my love of gaming, and more specifically of the fantasy gaming genre and Blizzards part in that. It's also made me a bit of a creep about fantasy illustration of the angels and demons variety, but that's by the by. Because gaming to me is about interactive storytelling I get very involved in the lore of a created world, and there was already of fair bit of it around for the Diablo universe to start with. And then THIS came along, and my world got rocked.

It actually covers the entire story arc - the mad King Leoric from the first game, the four bosses from the second game, and the setup for the third. And it's beautiful - hardcover, every page sepia'd and the edges of the pages have been roughcut to simulate vellum. And there's a sealed envelope built into the back cover containing a full map of Sanctuary, the Diablo world. Every chapter is beautifully inscribed and drawn, with diagrams and illustrations of all the Prime and Lesser Evils, the angels, the mortal players, Diablo himself - it's truly a work of art.

It's an "in-character" item - written by Deckard Cain (if you don't recognize the name then why on earth are you reading this article?) for his niece, preparing her to become the last of the Horadrim after his passing. It's also a very limited edition item, by Insight Editions, and likely to disappear soon, so if you've ever wasted a big chunk of your life in the world of Sanctuary, now is the time to follow this link and buy one of these babies before they're gone for good. I'm off to find some velvet to wrap mine in.

Golly. I really am just going to combust when this game comes out.

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