Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Doctor Who News: New Companion Announced!

Heads up whoers (wow that looks dirty), there's going to be a bit of a changing of the guard later this year in  the new season. Well, it's more of a changing of the guards friends more than anything. It was announced today that Amy and Rory Pond (as played by Karen Gillian and  Arthur Darvill) will be leaving the show in the fifth episode of season 7 in a heartfelt memorable way, with a new companion arriving just before Christmas in episode 6 , played by Jenna-Louise Coleman   

Nothing is really known about the character shell be playing but from the twitters this 25 year old was giving Matt smith a run for his money, forcing him to keep up with her. I'm not very familiar with Jenna, but if you're a fan of British drama shows with teenage lesbians or saw captain America, then she may seem familiar to you. Personally I will be sad to see the ponds exit the show as I have grown to really enjoy them as companions, especially Rory and know nothing at present about Jenna so that'll always leave you apprehensive about newcomers. But if anything is true about doctor who it's all in the writing. Smith can execute what's given to him brilliantly and can make it his own, but look at what happened with past companion Martha jones (played by Freema Agyeman). Great character butchered because of shitty writing. For the most part Moffat and teams writing had been solid and have done a fantastic job of casting to date. So...time will tell.  

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