Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stryder's Favourite Comics - 3/14/2012

Happy Spring Everybody!  Spring has sprung and my mind turns immediately to...reading comics?!  This probably explains why I don't have children...Regardless, here are the LAST comics of Winter, coincidentally released last week on PI day...starting off with surprise success Suicide Squad!

Suicide Squad #7 - I had to make a special trip to the BIG comic book store to get this issue, which sold out at my local shop in the first hour!  Why?  Just look at the cover!!!  "The Origin of Harley Quinn!"  Not just that, but the first hints of the presence of the Joker since the (now infamous) first issue of Detective Comics

Well you won't learn much about the future of the Joker, but you learn a lot about the pasts of both he and Harley.  Not to mention some crazy action and a VERY definitively dead metahuman.  Maybe more than one!  I won't tell you who, but it is gruesome.  If you can find this book on the shelf, it's worth picking up!  Can't wait for the conclusion next month! 

But that's not ALL...more spectacle after the JUMP!

Batman and Robin #7 - "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned."  

Wow.  Damien tried to take things into his own hands last issue, teaming with his father's old enemy, Morgan aka "Nobody" in a failed attempt to be a double-agent of sorts.  Morgan saw through it and this issue opens with him beginning the long process of torturing Robin to death while taunting Batman over Robin's radio.     Of course Batman finds them.  Things get REAL.  I don't know that Batman's been this angry since Jason Todd shook off his mortal coil.  "YOU TRY TO MURDER MY SON--AND EXPECT TO LIVE?!" 


Batgirl #7 - Last month, I felt like Batgirl literally was reborn for the first time.  This month, Barbara doesn't quite feel the same way.  She's too wrapped up in her own trauma, her own past, and although the body is willing, she keeps making mistakes.  Of course having an eidetic memory helps her detective skills; unfortunately it also makes her faults all too apparent to her.  

Black Canary guest-stars, taking Barbara to task for her doubts and taking her to town in a pretty brutal sparring match.  At the end of the day, both Barbara herself and we the readers have to realize that Batgirl is in there, and showing herself in fits and spurts, but it's still going to be a long journey back to the light.  Luckily the closing events of this issue provide the opportunity for what may be a little closure for Batgirl.  I can't help but be in her corner for whatever comes next! 

Green Lantern #7  - "Carol Ferris of Earth.  You have great love in your heart.  Welcome back."

Hey!  CAROL FERRIS is a SUPER HERO?!?  I thought she was just Hal's bossy girlfriend!  The things I missed pre-reboot!  I guess....

Oh and Sinestro...don't you know that holding a gun to a girl's head is NOT going to make her boyfriend want to help you more?  I thought you were smart....Obviously if he was all that smart, a legion of weird Indigo people wouldn't have just beaten the crap out of him.  Here I thought they just wanted to sell me paperbacks.  Apparently not. 

All of this and further evidence that Sinestro isn't actually crazy and the Guardians are NOT as benevolent as they seem, at least right at the moment....something strange is going on indeed in the Green Lantern corps.  Now I'm off to Wikipedia to look up Carol Ferris and see where she got her ring.  Although I obviously have NO idea exactly what's going on, this book continues to make me more and more interested...

Superboy #7 - Superboy has returned home to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in a bad mood and decides it's time to turn this party into a house-wrecker!  At least until Rose Wilson, the silver haired, sword-wielding assassin for hire steps in...turns out experience and training is just as valuable as tactile telekinesis and a bad attitude.  Maybe a little more.  Raise your hand if you didn't get run through with a giant sword...Oops...not so fast, Superboy!! 

Superboy's trying to use his brain, but it seems like it's pretty hard for him....Funny for us though!
In all seriousness, along with all of the wrecking things, a lot of little hints and foreshadowing of things to come were included in this issue...I think this N.O.W.H.E.R.E. story is kicking into a higher gear...hopefully soon we'll start getting some answers.  I know Superboy can't wait!

So that's it for this week!  They went all out to kill off the winter blues...3 books with monumental occurrences and two with some pretty deep characterization!  Good work DC!  Can't wait to see what Spring has in store for us!  Lots of new books out tomorrow including Wonder Woman, Batman and JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!


  1. Suicide Squad is back? I used to LOVE that book!

  2. Yeah man! I like it a lot too! Picked up on it late but managed to get the back issues...this Harley story is cool but I really like Deadshot too.