Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Blocking Dead


The Season Finale this past Sunday, and my issues with it and the pacing of Season 2 overall not withstanding, I gotta admit I still really like the show The Walking Dead on AMC. The mid-season finale was WAY more gut-wrenching though. And still resonates as the best episode they have ever done.

I'm surprised I have not turned it into a weekly article here. Well, not that surprised.

How do you do a weekly article on a show that lasts for 13 weeks and takes a break in between? I guess I could always write about stuff related to the show. The comic book, the over-priced McFarlane action figures that I want and am not getting, or THESE babies...

Yup. In case you hadn't heard...

Diamond is releasing MiniMates based on The Walking Dead. I think I just soiled myself.

I gotta admit...the assortment scares me. How deep will it go?

Now, MiniMates tend to go deep. SOMETIMES. A lot of the time. But sometimes, they do not. And the times that they do not are those times when they cover film and television licenses. So you have Rick Grimes there, and Dale, and then...Walkers. And more Walkers. And some more...Walkers. (And they should be called WALKERS on the packaging, not ZOMBIES. They are not called Zombies on the show, PEOPLE!!!)

I'm a big fan of DST. Always have been. Palisades Toys was only around 12 miles from there, did you know that? And I am a HUGE fan of MiniMates. HUGE. I suppose the fanboy in me is coming out. (Been a while, feels...all weird and tingly...hee hee.) I am just a'feared I won't be seeing a Carl or a Lori or Shane or other key characters.




  1. Wow...lots of potential there! They've GOT to keep going with that one...every pack should be human and a walker!

  2. Oh yeah and the finale was pretty cool but you may be right about the mid-season break being more impactful. Still, the last 2 episodes at least were pretty fantastic! I haven't read the comics at ALL but I am looking forward to season 3!