Friday, April 6, 2012

Glitches in Skate 3 and a few others

I can watch video game glitches like this all day. They crack me up

I have a few more videgame glitch videos after the jump. Let us know what your favourites are

I have much love for this Read Dead Redemption glitch.

I was so disappointed when I got up to this sub-story and the horse glitch didn't happen

A great one from GTA IV

I've had some fun glitches in Skyrim like one where I road a horse to the rebels camp and when I tried to get off the horse I was catapulted over a mountain. The worst thing about that was the only reason I was riding a horse was that I had grabbed too many things (your inventory has a weight limit and once you go over it you can no longer run) so I had to slow walk around the entire mountain to get back to the camp. That took about 10 minutes to do.

There's a few bloopers on the machinima channel but they're a bit too "funniest home video" with music and extra sound effects. I don't care for that but there are some good ones like Just Cause 2. The grapple hook makes for some funny surreal gameplay moments.

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  1. Oh man... that Red Dead Redemption one is the best. I had to watch it twice in a row.