Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tokyo Jungle

Why hello innovative crazy idea, I have missed you.

In 20XX, mankind left Earth leaving animals to fend for themselves. The once busy streets of Tokyo are now home to lions, tigers, chickens, and various other animals. All of them are now fighting for survival

To survive the Tokyo Jungle, you'll need to seek shelter from predators, learn to discern between edible and rotten food and produce offspring to continue into the next generation

This feels like a new Katamari Darmacy sort of game to me. The 3d models are stylised and definitely characterised. There's a wicked sense of humour behind the game and honestly videogames have been lacking some humour lately.

OH and the greatest addition to this game you can see after the jump....


Not just because its really effin funny but they also add some stats to your animals

Garbage Bag
Keeps you protected against disease when you've taken in rotten food or water.
Ups your life gauge capacity.
Hip Hop
Gives a small amount of extra attack strength.
Guard Dog
Gives a middling amount of extra attack strength.
Gives a major attack strength boost.
Gives a small amount of added defence strength.

The game will be out in June in Japan and I really hope it will get a release over here because it looks like crazy fun.

Here's the games website where you can see a few more game play videos: Tokyo Jungle

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  1. That looks crazy. I'm intrigued by the concept, even though it looks like a Wii game :D