Friday, April 6, 2012

Sidekicking Ass

One of the true tests of the greatness of a video game is thus.

How often do you dip yourself back into its cool inviting waters long after the game has been released and well after you have moved on to play other games? In my history of playing games, at least in my history with sticking to any single console, in this case the X-Box 360, there are a few games that spring to mind that I would consider to be in a category of specialness where I would be happy to devote a weekend to going back and playing through an entire story scenario, from the beginning if need be, just because the game was that cool. And even if the graphics have aged a little? Well that's OK too, because you know the game is THAT good. Think of it as going back in time and spending an evening with a super hot ex-lover that really gives good...well, you get the point.

That's what makes DLC (Downloadable Content) so AWESOME. Because it allows for an extended longevity of games, pumping fresh new content into games LONG after their release, giving guys like me, who like revisiting the past, reasons to go back and not spend money on new games, just a few bucks on some new content to give a little life to a game I've already got.

Looks like Batman: Arkham City is getting some more DLC TLC, which is fine with me...and it may or may NOT be story based, and may or may not be Harley Quinn-centric, and may or may not feature a playable Robin, according to this Gamespot report. I hope it is all of the above. One of the things I enjoy is the Challenges, but one of the things I would TOTALLY dig on is a real honest to goodness playable add-on story for Batman: Arkham City. And if they make Robin playable? So much the better.

This whole thing got me to thinking about some other games I often like to dust off and spend some quality time with now and again. Maybe that will be what I work on for next time. It's not a bad subject, it will just take some effort. Top Ten List's are fun, but good one's take time. Maybe I'll do a Top Ten List of The Best X-Box Games (360 Compatible) to Revisit on a Rainy, Dismal Weekend If You Don't Have Any Significant Obligations Like Life and All That Shit.

Too wordy?


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  1. Oh Man! If they make Robin playable that would kick ass...I just got finished admitting that Tim was my favourite Robin :D

    Harley would be good too. I still want to learn more about why she was tied up in that one scene...maybe I'm just missing something obvious but I didn't get it...