Monday, April 2, 2012

Watch Wil Wheaton And Friends Play Board Games!

As exciting as it sounds to watch other people play board games, Wil Wheaton has managed to make it work... by co-creating a web show where we do exactly that.

TableTop is a "Celebrity Poker" style 30-minute web show where a group of people plays a board game in front of cameras. There is more to it than that though... It's presented much like a reality game show, with scoring between each round, confessional style interviews, and a losers couch at the end of the episode.

Today was the launch of the series with the first episode, Small World (the Risk meets D&D battle game by Days of Wonder). Here's the full episode:

The next episode (April 20th) is the Settlers of Catan. After that, who knows.. but from the first trailer I know I spotted Munchkin. Keep an eye on for more information on TableTop and their many other upcoming web shows.

1 comment:

  1. Show was great, but wish the guest players were better. At least one celebrity would have been nice.