Friday, May 25, 2012

Action Figures In Bags!

I keep almost all of my loose action figures in individual bags. Part of it is just for organization, and the other part is to protect them from each other. I don't know what goes on from the time I close the lid on their plastic tub/home to the second I open it... but they all come out with battle scars. Paint smudges on each other, missing limbs, and various other battle wounds.

I was super excited to discover the art of Simon Monk. Just browsing through his website, you will see photorealistic art of all kinds of toys and figures in bags. It's like a bizarre collector's fetish, and I can't look away. His ongoing Secret Identity series features superheroes such as Batman, Hulk, Thor, and many more.

Placed in carrier bags and hung on a hook in a domestic space they become recently purchased objects, robbed of the enormous power they wield in their narratives, their dynamic energy stymied.
Click through the jump for the rest of the Secret Identity series as well as some of his older work.

...and a few older pieces.

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