Friday, May 25, 2012

Jetpack Joyride Gains a Dog (and Wins my Heart)!

As much as I enjoy recent blockbuster games like the enhanced Witcher 2 and Diablo III the one game that I still play every single day is Half-Brick's Jetpack Joyride on my iPhone. If I'm on a break at work, or waiting for a bus, or there's a lull in our conversation, I am going to break out brazen badass Barry Steakfries, strap on the machinegun backpack and tear shit up in a hi-tech lab! I cannot get enough. In fact I'm playing it right now with my other hand.

So imagine the height of the backflips I started doing when I learned that Half-Brick (who are fellow Australians. Represent!) have released another big update, featuring DJ headphones that turn the soundtrack into a techno remix, a de-zapinator to fizzle out those annoying zappers, a new turbo boost, but best of all Flash: a robot dog who has become Barry's new best friend! He can even ride on the mighty forehead of mechanical dragon Mr. Cuddles!

Here's the trailer for Mr. Steakfries' new canine companion:

And if that whet your appetite let's play this sucker! I am obsessed with trying to crush the scores of everybody I know. (I cannot beat fellow contributor Ive though!). If you want to get competitive and go head to head with me then I am LMWRITES on Game Center. Tell us your handle in the comments section, or just befriend us in game, strap on your jetpack of choice (I am currently rocking the golden piggybank) and we will incinerate hapless scientists in our wake!


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