Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Round Up!

Enigmatic mastermind Christopher Nolan's much-anticipated/discussed/debated third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, opens in just less than two months, and now that The Avengers hoo-ha is dying down, all sorts of Batman bits and pieces are blossoming on the 'net.

Like this secret poster that was recently revealed via a QR code according to Batman News. It gives us a wonderful close-up look at the latest bat-suit. Seems that Batman's boots will be far sexier in this one, although the heels make him kind of clumsy:

"Whoops! Alfred, order more batarangs. I'll probably keep stepping on them until I adjust."

All lame kidding aside, this Catwoman version might really be my favourite. Notice how the bat symbol appears in the space between the lips? Nolan is one cunning bugger. And kudos to him for staying up all night kissing every poster as it came off the press.

And if that's not enough to get your Bat-Dance on, we'll grossly misinterpret some other things... after the jump!

 As successful at that Catwoman poster is, this new banner (shown on Nerd Bastards) doesn't quite do it for me. From a distance it's quite evocative, but zoom in to the full-size version and it looks like third prize in the Amateur Photoshop Bane Competition, Division One: Ages 7 - 12.

The various pieces of the image are of vastly differently quality and the scale seems all wrong. Bane is standing on the back section of the tumbler and therefore must be in line with the two guys at front right. Which means they are tiny pixie men. And oddly out of focus considering they are supposed to be on the same plane. But what's far worse is the hatchet job of cutting around the figures that are pasted in the background. There's some odd edges, particularly around the edges. If you look closely at the back row on the right hand side you'll see the same guy pasted in at least a couple of times. What? Has Bane hired pixie triplets?

Not that it really matters. We're all amped to see this movie, right? At this point Warner Bros. could release a picture of a donkey in a sombrero with "Batman" written on its side and we'd still all go and see it. The poster should simply be a giant invoice, billing us the full ticket price.

Speaking of high prices, the following item is probably going to cost about the same as a small car. Mostly because it's the size of a small car. Our genius friends at Hot Toys have proved their crazy dedication by beginning construction on what they claim is "the largest project ever in the Hot Toys history!" Can you guess what it is?

Holy crap. Yes, Hot Toys are making a giant Bat plane/copter/thing to scale with their 12 inch figures. It's bigger than a Saint Bernard. An average sized child could pilot it. You have to admire the sheer audacity of putting such a wonderfully insane product on the market. Those guys grow more awesome all the time!

And I'm sure that all this stuff is just the tip of the iceberg as the world rapidly succumbs to another round of Batman fever. What other stunts could Nolan use to promote this film? How about a competition where lucky winners get a screaming phone call from Christian Bale? Or perhaps Tom Hardy could go to a random person's house and shatter their pelvis? I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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