Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nerd History: British Propaganda Films

Pretty much the coolest thing ever got released to the internet earlier this month. Thanks in part to a grant from Google, the British Council has released a whole bunch of their old propaganda films from the 1940s!:
The British Council Film Collection is an archive of over 120 short documentary films made by the British Council during the 1940s designed to show the world how Britain lived, worked and played. Preserved by the BFI National Film Archive and digitised by means of a generous donation by Google, the films are now yours to view, to download and to play with for the first time.
This is a big deal for a lot of reasons. For one, there's a ton of cool history here - a lot of these were things that non-British viewers would have never gotten to see, never mind these possibly being lost to history for many people from the UK today. For another, there's already some scholarship, information, and primary documentation being uploaded to the site that gives even more insight to some of the happenings.

This is just really cool stuff. I've already spent too much time watching these.

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